In-Game Information

Starting Level: The starting level for new characters in this campaign will be level 1. Should there be any characters who die during the campaign, their new character’s level will be determined by the DM as they see fit for the story line.

Skills: Be sure to pay close attention to what skills you choose for your character. There are plenty of skill challenges involved in this campaign that involve the full range of skills that the “typical” character may not use.

Professions: The characters in the Luck of the Draw campaign are more then just pure “adventurers”, you only just started and certainly don’t make enough to survive on! Included in each characters background story should be a description of the profession they are leaving behind. How would you have made a living before venturing out into the wild? This story will have an impact on the story line for each character as defined by the DM.

Motivations: Also included in each character’s background story should be a description of their motivation or what they hope to achieve. This should be something that is a long-term goal that your character hopes to strive for once their adventuring days are over. So what is your character’s ultimate goal? Do you want to become a guild leader for your specific guild? Do you want to become the world’s most notable assassin? Having a true motivation for a character will help make the character more than just a mere adventurer.

Magic Items:: Within the world of Forcelia, magic items are exceptionally rare and valuable. There is no “ye old magic shop” to buy potions and magic weapons. Magic items are found within the game, possibly as rewards, through exploration, etc. This generally means that characters will have fewer magic items, but that they will have more meaning and be special. All new characters start off the game with NO magic items.

Starting Money: New characters starting off in the Luck of the Draw campaign will have just 100gp, which will be modified depending on their starting profession. For instance, a previous banker may have been more prudent then a construction laborer. This means that each character will have their starting gold range from 50-150 gold to purchase their initial gear.

Contacts: Forcelia is a large place, but it can be quite lonely if you don’t have any friends nearby. This is where contacts come in. Each player gets one contact per point of Charisma bonus modifier (with a minimum of one). You can choose a contact and determine what value they can provide. Each contact will have a profession and an area of expertise, such as “information dealer”, “poisoner”, etc. This is to reflect that characters on some level have formed relationships with other characters in the game world.


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