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Luck of the Draw

Welcome my friends to the Great Library of Forcelia! I will be your guide through these great hallways, directing you through the various books of adventurers past.

Oh… where are my manners! Let me introduce myself, I the Chronicle and if you have any questions for me about the library, please feel free to ask. Here among these books you will find all of the known recorded knowledge of those who have ventured into the world of Forcelia before you. Perhaps one day you can help populate the books that line these walls with your prestige and fame.

First and foremost, for those that are unfamiliar with the world of Forcelia, I shall provide you with some information that may challenge your assumptions. First and foremost, Forcelia is a flat world, as if lain on the head of a gold coin. As such, the climate of the world is not subject to the normal “rules” you other planes-walkers might be used to. You can see the divine in every facet of creation, from the mountains and deserts, to the seas and forests, this is a world built by design. Secondly, while this is very much what you might consider a medieval setting, I assure you there are surprises in store, from the clockwork inventions of the gnomes, to the deadly blasting powder of the dwarves, I have seen some truly remarkable inventions and creations. Apart from that, Forcelia is very much a fantastic world, with monsters to slay, princesses to save, and ancient treasures to uncover.

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