Character Creation

Character Creation

Characters: In the Luck of the Draw campaign, the characters are the true motivation and drive for story progression. Therefore, the game will be more involving (and hopefully interesting) for the players if they create a character that is a little more fleshed out. A tight concise background is helpful, but not always a complete package. Included in that background story should be some of your character’s ups and downs throughout life that made them who they are today.

Attributes: In this campaign, attributes are determined by using the point buy-in method. In this method, all stats start out with a base value of 8. To increase a stat by one point, use the table below to determine how many bonus points it is going to take to increase that stat.

Starting Stat Value Points to Increase
8-13 1 Point
14-16 2 Points
17-18 3 Points

Attributes are important, as they are a representation to the limits of what your character can do physically and mentally. Do not be so quick to “dump” stats. You can not play a particularly smart character with an Intelligence 8.

Classes: Any of the standard classes are available to be played, along with some modifications once approved by the DM. Due to the campaign requirements, it is highly recommended to have diversified party in terms of the class make-up.

Races: Any of the legal races are allowed. Monster Manual races; however, are not. Keep in mind that the people of Forcelia will react to your race based on physical appearance and reputation.

Experience Points: Experience points are not given out in the normal D&D fashion, in fact, they are not given out at all. Characters are leveled as they complete gaming “milestones”. This ensures that characters are involved in the plot and can not “farm” exp and level through just sheer combat alone.

Character Creation

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